Things To Consider When Choosing Baitcasting Reel For Snook Fishing. Shrimp and pilchards top the live bait list, but there are several styles of lures that fool ‘em too. Best Fishing Lures For Snook Snook are smart fish known for their incredible strength, making them very difficult to catch and a prized game fish. This lure is what I … Shrimp are the best bait to use if you want to catch a Snook. The best conditions is when there is hardly any wind as the fish need to see them and rough conditions will make them invisible to the snook as well as to you. A few baitcasting reels for snook fishing that I like are: -Shimano Tranx 300 - Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast - Daiwa Lexa 300/400. Snook are even expanding their range from Jacksonville south and back up the Gulf into Florida’s Big Bend, plus they can be found year-round in South Texas. You May Also Like. He also recommends swimbaits such as DOA's C.A.L. Snook live both in freshwater and saltwater and known to fight powerful river currents and swim upstream in search of food before returning to the ocean. Swim Baits Hot . Patriotic Angler Episode 11 – When Is The Best Time To Fish. Casting a spinning lure or topwater floating lure can induce some of the strongest snook bites and battles. Certain baits work better at specific times of the year, while some bait can not be found when you require them. However live and natural baits work best. Re: BEST LURES & BAIT FOR SNOOK If you want REALLY BIG then ya gotta get live bait cause lures won't cut it.. Not that you can't catch big snook on lures, but I would say that the majority of big snook are caught on live bait..

Get yourself some big live greenies, mullet, or sand perch and if your fishing near a freshwater spillway or flood gate a large freshwater shad will … in 1/4-ounce for bigger snook, but these can be too big in many situations. A baitcaster can be a crucial tool for swimbait fishing for snook. Florida experts reveal the best techniques and locations for snook fishing. 2021 Boat Buyers Guide: Flats/Skiffs. Another Category of reels often overlooked by many fishermen are baitcasting reels. Best Lures for Snook As with all fish, lure selection has to be based on what foods are preferred, the location you are fishing them, and most importantly on the fish’s biology. The best time for using floaters is during spring and summer, but they will work equally well all year round. … Best DOA Lures for Snook: Docks--Dock pilings are a great place to target snook with DOA CALs, DOA Shrimp and DOA Big Ones on deeper docks. More Travel. Next article What are the best lures for snook fishing? By Dave Lewis. Boats. I like to rig that up with an 1/8 red jig head. Latest. Invincible 36 Open Fisherman Review. Choosing the Perfect Boat. Boats. Shrimp. Days we could only get nasty frozen baits have turned out incredible. Ask A Captain Part V. Hot . Hot . Here are the seven deadliest snook lures of all time. Monday Fish Pics (53 Colorful Images for the Start of the Week) Hot . 2021 Boat Buyers Guide: Multihulls. The bucktail is your best go-to snook lure while sight fishing to cruising snook off Florida beaches and stacked up under dock lights or the shadow line of a bridge. Best Artificial Bait for Snook If you aren’t allowed to use live bait where you’re fishing for snook or you didn’t have time to buy/catch any, artificial lures can also be a solid option. October 14, 2016. Boats. The Best Natural Baits for Snook. Remember that bucktails need a jigging motion to allow for the life-like pulsing of the lure's skirt. Capt. Conner recommends the same, but also suggests small white or tan (with a streak of red) 1/8-ounce Nylure jigs. 22.5k Views. Topwater and Floating Lures. My favorite lure is the DOA CAL 3 inch shad with a paddle tail. 20.1k Views. Boat Reviews. 11.2k Views.

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