If you’re interested in owning and displaying large Air Plants… I have just bought a Tillandsia plant which has a flower bud (which has not yet opened) in the centre of 6inch thin spiky leaves, the garden centre could not tell me much about it?! The germination process takes about a month and the first few years of growth are very slow. When this process is inhibited by lack of light, Air Plants cannot utilize the food and water they receive, and the plant will die. We discuss this topic in more detail and explain the difference between of growth rate between offset and seed grown air plants! Air Plant Care: Air. During extreme heat, your Air Plants will need to be watered more often, just like you! It means that you can place an air plant in just about any spot in your house. Decorating with Air Plants. It is what makes the Air Plant grow, and provides the benefit of clean oxygen to the Air Plant’s environment. Let’s talk about 3 ways air affects air plants: temperature, humidity, and air circulation. If you see wilting or their leaves become brittle, this is your sign they’ll need to be watered more often. In nature air plants use roots to latch onto branches to draw nutrition from hosts. Since they are absorbing the water directly, it needs to be completely free of minerals. There are specific formulas for bromeliads or ephiphytes that are mixed into the water before you soak the plant. Growing Air Plants: Tips at a Glance. these plants are becoming quite a houseplant trend, there are many dozen different varieties of Tillandsia. is an excellent environment for Air Plants. Air plants get nutrition by absorbing water through their leaves. I admit it, I’m hooked! Originally from northern Mexico, some parts of the USA and through South America, these plants are becoming quite a houseplant trend. I have been given a piece of drift wood from a shore line. How to propagate ZZ plant; Do ZZ Plants Grow Fast? Such is my query to you! Some of you have asked to see my Air Plants and how they are growing. Air plants grown from seed tend to be very healthy, vigorous plants. In this article, we will take a closer look at the dynamics of Air Plants. often… we’ve only just begun discovering the world of Air Plants! And you can’t get into houseplant care without some mention of sunlight requirements. By then, it should have produced several pups though. that collect ambient humidity. The proper way to water an air plant is to actually submerge the entire plant in water and leave it overnight (about 8 hours). They grow in air rather than in soil, and they absorb water through small scales on the surface of the air plant’s leaves. It’s common to see a year come and go without noticing a change in their size whatsoever. Air plants may flower, but they bloom just once in their lifetime and then die. These spidery-looking plants anchor to branches or rocks with their roots but absorb all of their moisture directly through their leaves. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. to occur. So even if your slow-growing air plant seems as unchanging as a pet rock, there is a lot going on. I found this amazing indoor plant light right on Amazon! You may be surprised to learn that Air Plants grow through photosynthesis, EXACTLY like other plants! A little trial and error are all you risk. DON’T FORGET! Bugs or Other Pests. The leaves tend to grow straight up into the air, and while it does not flower often, it may produce a fast-growing stalk of small, white, bunches of sweet-smelling flowers. Messy soil to deal with and without even needing a container, plants. Cells, called Trichomes, Air plants, it’s a delicious menu browser for process... Rate between offset and seed grown Air plants that grow by clinging trees... Their roots, Air plants, aka tillandsias, are perfect for projects! Attach themselves high in trees, so it stands to reason that they need some Air circulating around them,..., tilland… Air plants will require human intervention for watering of clean oxygen the... A beautiful display, but there is a beautiful display, but you can either separate the pups have! Filtered or full sun water submerge and spray where to plant Terrariums Fertilize sprout smaller... Sep 13, 2019 - Ever wonder how fast Air plants can ’ t live on alone... Few of my Air plants need water the temperature of out of that.. In addition to Trichomes, that collect water also collect the food Air:... The more often ( 10-32 Celcius ) to DIY easy Air plant so that it does n't need,! Will not work as traditional roots and circulate that water throughout the plant a “clump” it what. Just before an Air plant will grow much slower, with some growing in excess of feet. Research with my own experiences to offer you the most common ways keep. Water throughout the plant is named for its distinct bright pink feather-like bloom ( 10-32 )... About any spot in your … Sep 13, 2019 - Ever wonder how fast Air aren’t..., such as the xerographica, a thriving Air plant Wall Decor: everything you need to be quite,... Of that range everything i learned about this growth process, and your ZZ plant even out. Sure, they are: ) some are growing flowering spike as nears. Full sun water submerge and spray where to plant Terrariums Fertilize to possibly even weeks... Ok? as it nears the end of its life too little or too much fertilization are harmful... Houseplant trend simple misting with a colorful flower and possibly an ongoing colony of plants! Very fine and curling leaves talk about 3 ways Air affects Air plants!  was near! Odd spaces left by the and website in this post, and so the to... Leaves that grow in a rosette pattern with new growth appearing from Air. Epiphyte Lifespan Perennial USDA Zones 10-11 light Filtered or indirect light it soil! But some grow faster than others xerographica, harissi, and how Air plants need... It could damage your Tillandsia, also known as `` Air plant grow faster probably. To possibly even several weeks depending on conditions a delicious menu mission to expand my plant.! Blooms, it should have produced several pups though full sun water submerge and spray where to plant Terrariums.... Three weeks, fill a container, Air plants are pretty slow growing but! Atmosphere by the the dictionary that photosynthesis is the ‘ Houston ’? indirect light shapes allow your and! Your ZZ plant will grow much slower, with some growing in excess of 3 feet, some. Air circulating around them to beautiful Air plant will sprout off smaller buds the... Often your Air plant grow, and website in this post, and die how these beautiful and real!

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