See O.C.G.A. Landlord-tenant law in Georgia covers everything from questions you include on a rental application to the deadline for returning a tenant… 2010 Georgia Code TITLE 44 - PROPERTY CHAPTER 7 - LANDLORD AND TENANT ARTICLE 1 - IN GENERAL § 44-7-13 - Landlord's duties as to repairs and improvements O.C.G.A. Found in the Code of Georgia, the law governs the rental of a commercial and residential property. 44-7-13 (2010) 44-7-13. Georgia Landlord Tenant … In addition, if your landlord ever promised you a repair, either in writing or by talking with you, you may be able to hold your landlord to that promise. For example, if a tenant does not have a working stove, the landlord … Lastly, state and local building codes, as well as state landlord-tenant laws may require your landlord to make repairs that would otherwise be a repair left to the landlord… This is a summary of Georgia Landlord-Tenant laws that apply to residential (non-commercial) rentals. The landlord's duty to make repairs, Repair and Deduct, Your rights to pest control and air conditioning, Your rights to change the locks or make minor alterations, Making use of the local housing and health codes, Your right to be compensated for personal property damaged by the landlord's failure to make repairs. These repairs need to be reasonable. Georgia Landlord Tenant Handbook. Performing Repairs: Landlords are responsible for completing repairs in their property to keep the property in habitable condition. Insufficient Funds: Georgia law (OCGA § 13-6-15) permits a landlord, who received a check which was refused by the bank due to a lack of funds, to seek damages if the tenant does not pay the amount of the check and fees to the landlord within ten days of the landlord’s written demand for payment. Once you have understood these laws … Landlord's duties as to repairs and improvements The landlord must keep the premises in repair… Second, Georgia law 44-7-14 also provides that a landlord may be liable for any damages a tenant incurs due to the landlord… BOTTOM LINE: In Georgia, the tenant is required to pay rent, and the landlord is required to make repairs. These references were compiled from the Georgia Code and various online sources to serve as a reference for people wanting to learn about Georgia landlord-tenant laws, Georgia eviction laws, and Georgia … First, under Georgia Code 44-7-13 the landlord has a duty to maintain and repair rental property. The landlord … Under no circumstances can the landlord waive or avoid this duty. Official Rules, Regulations & Guides. 44-7-2. If so, then you need to familiarize yourself with the Georgia landlord-tenant law. Georgia landlords must follow specific state (as well as federal, and often local) rules when it comes to renting to tenants. This article summarizes some key Georgia Landlord-Tenant laws applicable to residential rental units. If Tenant was aware of a defect at the time of signing the lease, the tenant waives the right to require Landlord to make the repair(s). Georgia Code Ann. §§ 44-7 – Landlord and Tenant Repairs to an occupied dwelling require advance written and dated notification by Landlord to Tenant. Your state bar association may have a referral service that can help you find a lawyer with experience in landlord-tenant law. Good communication is the key to getting along with your landlord.

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