Establishing a Training Regimen is Hard

All athletes know the off-season is an opportunity to train and prepare for making a bigger impact next season. However, all but the most disciplined human beings find it difficult to establish and maintain a regimen of repetitive skills and high-intensity fitness training.

We Make it Easy

Just sign-up and show-up…we’ll take it from there with a framework and personal coaching for continuous improvement of your skills and fitness. The program includes non-stop 3 hour sessions with skills and fitness blended together to simulate game situations, plus a training book and homework. To validate your improvement, the last session in each 4-week series includes an NFL-style Performance Combine where we measure your skills, strength, endurance and speed.

The People

Prepare to Win Combines is owned and operated by Frankie Berry. Frankie is currently the JV coach at Santa Margarita Catholic High School and a 2015 graduate of Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia where he captained the varsity Lacrosse team his junior and senior years. Frankie is also a 2011 graduate of SMCHS, where he was team captain his junior and senior years and a first-team all-league Lacrosse player.