Oh I was ready to love it. My Type of New Years Party - It's Midnight Somewhere, New Chinese Restaurant Opens in San Pedro with Good, Familiar Food; Not Just Fry Chicken, Lake Atitlan: My Breathtaking Last Stop in Guatemala, Chichicastenango: A Huge Colorful Market in the Mountains of Guatemala, The Coffee of Antigua, Guatemala: How It’s Made And The Best Cup, Antigua, Guatemala: The Food And the Restaurants, Antigua, Guatemala: The Sights and Shopping of this Gorgeous Colonial City. I’m a bigger fan of KFC. The title suggests it's grilled, but this dish can be oven roasted, too. 7. Choice of Bread: Tortillas, Dinner Roll The worse was at a small Island in the Grenadines. The ketchup was my favorite part – slightly sweet…a slight taste of all spice…or is it cloves? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); My name’s Rebecca. [CDATA[ Choice of Side: Campero Rice, French Fries, Mashed Potatoes, Campero Beans (Contains Pork), Coleslaw. As discussed on my friedchickenblog, the actual recipe is a mix of spices, flour and bread crumbs. My least favorite spice in the world. It’s about combining generations of family recipes into the perfect, savory bite. We offer a variety of chicken recipes: traditional hand-breaded, citrus grilled & very soon extra crispy. [CDATA[ As always, feel free to contact me with any and all questions you have. Fast food, burgers or chicken, shouldn't be a staple in anyone's diet, but it does hit the spot from time to time. if (document.referrer) document.write ("&referer=" + escape(document.referrer)); // ]]> -->, , My Type of New Years Party - It's Midnight Somewhere - December 31st, 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm, Posted on // ]]> -->, , Please Enter the Characters in the space below. The above may make for delicious chicken. Esta es la receta secreta para Pollo Campero tal y como lo disfrutamos en El Salvador y en todo Centro América. I was confused. OA_show(19); My wife and I got sick from eating at a Pollo Campero in Guatemala City a few years ago. I sat down and realized that the greeter at the door (“Hola, Welcome to Pollo Campero”) was really a host. It clouds your judgement because a few times when I really thought I’d found it, on the second trip I decided, maybe not. document.write ('&cb=' + m3_r); Choice of Recipe: Campero Fried, Grilled Chicken, Both (Fried & Grilled). var m3_u = (location.protocol=='https:'? [CDATA[ I think they chased that chicken across several Islands before they caught it and cooked it, boy was it tough it took a few hours I think to chew it enough so I could swallow it. But it is not the Pollo Campero recipe. And for the last 3, helping my boyfriend run Cayo Frances Farm & Fly, a seriously special spot on the west side fo Ambergris. Pollo Campero, turned to data firm Buxton to plan its future franchise locations. One last thing, I think if you haven’t had decent chicken or steak for a while you can’t trust your own judgement on what is good or not, at least in my case. A Home Run and Then a Strike Out at Pollo Campero. Choice of Campero Fried, Grilled, or Both (Fried & Grilled). For more information on how and why I moved here, an estimate of how much it costs to live in San Pedro and advice about packing and planning, check out my post series about my expat life. I originally set out to show you all sides of life on the island of Ambergris Caye and now it’s time to expand to the amazing country of Belize. OA_show(4); T... En esta ocasión vamos a realizar una receta de pollo deliciosa y muy fácil. before you order, which makes for a well-informed decision making process. Sigh…i didn’t leave wanting more chicken, I left wishing I had invented it. Includes 2 family sides and your choice of tortillas or dinner rolls. And…the fries were good but not MacDonald’s crisp, the sweet tea, excellent, the dinner roll was a bit dry and the chicken….ummm…decent. Choose the time closest to the hour that's best for you! , , , , , . Para esta vez he elegido este arroz que he visto en una revista y que como siempre he tuneado un poco, no lo he tuneado más porque no había alcachofas, las alcachofas me pirran y en el arroz quedan fabulosas, al menos eso creo yo. Grill chicken for about 5 minutes a side over medium-high heat, or until they reach an internal temperature of … Guatemala’s BELOVED Pollo Campero: Is the Fried Chicken Worth the Wait? When ready to cook, remove chicken and discard marinade. Soon my two piece, fries, drink and dinner roll arrived. Minimum wage here is about Q80-85 per day. I thought my stomach was now made of iron, but I guess each area, each city has its own little friends , We have a Pollo Campero here in the New Orleans area. But also, the meat is juicy, juicy, juicy. As always, feel free to contact me with any and all questions you have. OA_show(22); We were doing fine on our own. OMG, how I've missed you guys. Better than KFC's? I joined the 40 or so people waiting for a table. // ]]> -->,